Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dia des los Muertos

would you believe that I didn't have a single trick-or-treater last night? I've got the bowl full of candy to prove it! Sigh.

I enjoyed that extra hour of sleep we got today. Anyone else? Of course, I'll never remember that in spring when we lose it again. The clock in my bedroom was supposed to change on its own at 2am, but I didn't quite trust it. When I was awake in the morning and the clock read 7am, I didn't quite know if I should trust it!

I'm trying to get a fair amount of work done today in preparation for the week ahead. With the school play being next weekend, there are practices every evening, and I should probably make myself as useful as possible to the crew and actors. I've been given a few tasks for costumes, and I want to make sure I don't leave anyone hanging! If I'm absent for a few days, it's likely because I'm at the school late. I'm really hoping that everything goes smoothly and that the week goes by quickly!

I'm going out in a little while to a presentation by the school's Spanish Honors Society and Spanish Club about "All Souls Day" or "Day of the Dead", which falls on November 2nd. Ibeth says that Colombia is observing it tomorrow (no work for lucky Columbians). It'll be interesting to learn more about the holiday at today's presentation.

Anyway, I've got a number of things running at the same time, and I should probably start finishing up so I can cross some off my to-do list. Take care everyone!

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