Friday, November 27, 2009

Greetings from the East Coast!

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd take a few moments to let you know what we've been up to the last couple of days...

Picked Mom up at the airport (on time) Wednesday afternoon. Tried not to shed too many tears as we shared a long, comforting embrace. We took advantage of the slow drive home (rush hour combined with holiday traffic), and had a nice dinner at the newest local Chinese buffet. We must have both been too keyed up, because we didn't get to sleep until after midnight. Still, we were up by 8 on Thursday morning, ready to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade on TV.

We were about to have a small lunch when one of my coworkers called me up and invited both of us to a potluck lunch with her family and friends. We jumped on the opportunity to mingle with new people, and Hannah and her family were such wonderful and generous hosts. We tried not to eat too much though, because we'd planned our own Thanksgiving dinner with Ibeth later that evening. We cooked it all ourselves, and had a great visit with Ibeth, making plans to get together today to travel out to the east coast for a walk up and down the boardwalk.

Today was windy and cooler than usual, but bright and sunny! We drove out to Carolina Beach, parked and pointed ourselves towards the sound of the crashing waves. It was such an awesome sight! We walked down to the beach and took a few pictures, then walked up and down the boardwalk looking for anything that was open. Naturally, it's the off season, and the holiday weekend, so we didn't have much luck sucking up the local attractions. We did check out some holiday decorations as they were setting up for their opening festivities tonight. It was a little odd seeing palm trees dressed in garland and Santa sitting on a lifeguard stand, but I suppose that how they do Christmas at the beach! :o)

Tomorrow we plan to take a trip out to a nearby winery for a tour and a tasting, and then we'll probably head up to Fayetteville for some retail therapy. No, we didn't do and Black Friday shopping this morning... Neither of us felt like getting up at 3:00 AM. We'll see what Saturday and Sunday have leftover.

Here are some photos of our time at Carolina Beach this afternoon. Enjoy!

Not exactly Baywatch, but just as glamorous!

Mom and Boyd, this parrot that we met on the boardwalk. His owners were just riding their bikes, and he was sitting on the guy's shoulder riding along!

In Carolina Beach, Santa arrives on a boat pulled by nine dolphins... I guess reindeer don't swim very well...

Polar Bears and palm trees... Something tells me we're not in Manitoba anymore...

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