Monday, November 9, 2009

I have the Taz Band-Aid to prove it...

Some of you may know, I have a certain... unusual... dislike for odd numbers. Unless they are multiples of 5, I try my best to avoid them if I can. If I'm adjusting the volume on the TV or on the car radio, I'll bump it up or down so that it sits on an even number. When I first got my class count for this semester, and saw that I had 27 students in one class, I felt a little uneasy. Just ask Mom, who helped me for 2 hours to try and arrange my classroom so that 27 desks felt more like 26 or 28 and less like something that made me feel jittery.

I don't know why I have this strangeness. Maybe it makes me a quirky. I'm not entirely obsessed with it... I mean, I still cope as a civilized human being.

Anyway, the point of this, and maybe you've guessed... Today is 11/9/09. It's a very odd day. The numbers 11, 9 and 9 add to 29, another odd number... And also my new age.

Yup. It's official. I have begun the last year of my 20's. Which seems rather unfair, because it doesn't feel like I've been hanging out in this bracket for 9 years already. I'm waiting for someone to shout "Psych!" and to give me back 5 years. Which doesn't mean that I WANT to be 24 again... or even 25 really. Well, maybe 25. I quite enjoy the experience and independence that each passing year brings. I'm not afraid of getting older... I just ... don't enjoy ... odd numbers.

Thanks everyone, for the birthday wishes. It was a decent day -- nothing overly dramatic, which is almost how I wanted it. I mean, would have been nice for a little extra fanfare, but then again, I don't know how much energy I have for that, either. I mean... I am a whole year older than I was yesterday.

I treated myself to a flu shot this afternoon. I actually signed up for it back in September, but they had problems getting enough vaccines shipped in, so we had to wait. It's not the H1N1 shot, which I haven't seen available in my area. I suppose if I found a primary physician I might be able to get one there. Hmm.

I got a couple of cards in the mail, a gift from Ibeth and a package from my best girls back home. That made me feel special, which was nice. I'm hoping to go out for dinner tomorrow with a few folks. With Wednesday being a holiday, we'll take advantage of some extra social time.

The play is over. I'm rather sad, but on the plus side I get a some spare time back. Which I might fill... or not! It was nice working on the play -- and feeling appreciated. One of the actors actually gave me flowers yesterday as a thank you for helping out. So it does exist. :o)

Okay. I told myself I was just going to lounge tonight -- and I plan to keep that pact. Thanks again everyone for all the support, encouragement and love that you're sending. I feel it all!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday via your bloggie! :) I'm glad it wasn't too crazy... hopefully you are fully relaxed right now. :) I'm actually trying to get some practice in with my music... concert is days away! I am SO psyched to have you come visit, my friend! I will treat you to a Birthday dinner someplace nice... we'll have a brewski or two downtown... maybe a nice diner meal on Sunday?! And... the best of it all... I cleaned my apartment just for you! Hahaha... truthfully, I am soso happy that your visit has forced me to live in a sanitary, shiny, nice-smelling apartment. hehe :) Have a great chopped-up week! Yay for no Wed/Hump Day! ... I'll give you a ring Friday night or so ... you probably need some directions to my place, so I'll shoot ya an email as well. Can't wait!

Kimber said...

New profile pic! Teddy!!! I've missed you!!! Um, yeah, we tried some creative names on the bear, but for some reason we kept going back to "Teddy" (said in a Mr. Bean voice). It just seemed to fit!

Glad your play went well ... wish it could have been going on when we were there! Would have been fun to see.