Sunday, November 8, 2009

Two down... Two to go!

We've had two live performances of Kipling's "Just So Stories", and so far, we've managed to pull it off! Friday's show was not without it's opening night bumps, including a flub at a particularly dramatic part -- but the cast and the crew managed to cover well enough to make it seem less noticeable.

Yesterday, one of the actresses called the director an hour before the show started to tell her she was "stuck" in Jacksonville, which is about an hour away. We had to do some quick thinking, since we didn't have an understudy for this play. Our stage manager actually stepped into her role, and we did our best to feed her lines and help her out. She did a great job, and saved us all! Hopefully we won't have many other mishaps today -- fingers crossed! Tomorrow the show is for one of the elementary schools. I won't be able to work that show, because I have classes at the time. But by then the actors should all know what they should be doing and will be capable to be on their own for one performance.

Our audiences haven't been very big. We're hoping that a matinee performance will draw a larger crowd. We had about 25 on Friday and less than 10 last night. Not really encouraging -- especially since this play is supposed to be the moneymaker that helps fund the spring musical.

Other than that, I've been trying to have a low-key weekend. I'm bummed that I can't just stay home all day today, but I'm sucking it up!

Hope you're all well! Enjoy your Sunday! :o)

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Doug and Joan said...

Monday Nov.9

Hope you have a great day.

Doug and Joan