Friday, November 6, 2009

I don't care much for Tangeloes... too many seeds!

This will be a fast post (yeah right) because I've told myself that I want to be back at the school no later than 6 to get ready for the play. No, I'm not acting!! But I am working backstage, and that's a big enough job. I've really been enjoying it, and I'll be a little sad when it's over. It's been the highlight of my week -- pretty much the only highlight...

The rollercoaster of emotions is still speeding around. Bad days are very hard when you don't have loved ones around to help make you feel better. And I've been having a fair amount of bad days... Well, difficult days... Sometimes I wonder if I'm strong enough to do this for more than a year. Are the sacrifices really worth it?

The Day of the Dead event last Sunday was good. The kids were were good with their presentations, and I liked the facility they held it in -- and old house with a lot of interesting history. Ibeth came with me, and she shared a little of what they do back in Colombia to commemorate the occasion.

I was very excited to learn last weekend that the rumors were true -- the Subways in town are open again! Seriously -- this is great. I've missed Subway since coming here, and all three locations in the area were closed because the owner had some sort of tax problem. Well, two of them reopened under new management. The one in the Walmart is still closed... We're speculating on what might go in there... Someone said perhaps a Quizno's. I might just cry.

The regular football season ends tonight, and it's unlikely that our team will get a spot in the playoffs. Rats-ola. They can't all be winning seasons... But it's still disappointing.

I woke up this morning in a cold room in a cold house. The temperature was about 40 (about 4 degrees) when I left for work, but for the first time since I got here, there was frost on my windshield! Tonight's supposed to be cooler... They've actually issued a freeze warning for parts of the state. Brr! LOL!

I'm very much looking forward to the mid-week holiday next week. It'll be a nice change to be home during the day. I can check up on what my "daytime friends" are up to. And then it's only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving... :o)

I'm planning a drive to to Greensboro next weekend to checkout Barb's stomping grounds. It'll be good respite, I think. We'll roam around, drink coffee at some hip java joint... Maybe check out some local entertainment. Looking forward to it. :o)

Okay... I've got to end this now or I'll just keep on rambling. I've still got to change and grab a snack before I leave! Wish us luck! ;o)


Steph said...

i'm sorry that the roller coaster is still difficult for you. i guess i can't fathom being quite so far away from my close friends and family. :/ hang in there! you've got lots of love and you know where to find me if you need me!!!

i love working on the high school's musical and know exactly what you are feeling right now! it's such a high! and to know that the students are doing their very best and watch them perform that is so intoxicating! the other day i had one of our actors ask me if i was helping out again this year. i said yes, and he was excited. :) that makes everything worth it!!!

also, i still can't get enough of your tempature conversions. 40 degrees, that's cold but damn! 4 degrees is just freezing!!!! ;)

Kimber said...

Big *HUGS* to you! For the record, I think you *are* a tough person, who can definitely withstand a rollercoaster of emotions, and come out the other end for the better. 'Cuz you're awesome.

Brrr ... 4 degrees! That's pretty cold. Did you hear we had a 12C day yesterday? It was kind of gorgeous! Ok, don't know if it really made it up to 12, but it was a gorgeous, mild day, and my beautiful Spring coat made a reappearance.

Good luck to your play kids! Sounds like a lot of fun, and work - which is good, as it gets your mind into a productive state!