Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where's my juice and cookies?!?!

There was a blood drive at the school today. I was so pumped to donate, especially since I would get a free t-shirt out of the deal. We were trying to beat the neighboring township's school drive of 33 pints... I waited all day -- even ate a good lunch -- so that I could donate during my planning block. Skipped a workshop to go donate... Waited for my turn... did all the paperwork and answered all the questions... had my finger poked... passed all the preliminary tests... was the very next person to hit the chair...

... And then I looked at the clock... and realized that I couldn't donate in 15 minutes, rest and still get back for my 5th block students. So I had to get up, and walk out -- as the very next person in line... so I could go back upstairs disappointed and frustrated that I'd wasted my time and didn't get anything done. By the time school was over, the drive was done.

ARGH! And I so wanted a t-shirt!

The next drive is in February, but I'll probably donate back home over the holidays and won't qualify again until after.

Can't help but feel overly bummed about the whole thing.

So... how was your day?

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Kimber said...

Aww, that's too bad! Hey - you have to tell me - are you PAID to donate in the US? Or was the free t-shirt the payment? I was going to suggest you and I go when you're back in town in December, but that might not be a good idea!