Friday, November 20, 2009

Only 3 Easy payments of $16.42...

I've caught myself watching QVC every now and then and wanting to buy whatever it was they were selling. Hmm... I might become a late-night home-shopper. Christmas gifts, anyone?

So I did it. I joined the choir at the United First Methodist Church. Wednesday was my first rehearsal, After a few weeks of saying -- maybe next week, or the week after... I finally just went. I miss being in a choir, learning new songs and singing with others. Of course, the choir I'm used to us not the traditional church choir, which this one is more like... But even still, it felt good. I already had a cubby in the choir room with my name on it, and a hook in the closet where my robe (!) hangs. The director is the father of a coworker, and there are a few other teachers who are also in the choir. We are singing at the community Thanksgiving service on Sunday night, and of course at the morning service. I'll be around for most of their Christmas stuff too, including singing with the high school band at their winter concert on Dec 14th. Should be fun! :o)

Next week is Thanksgiving! It feels like it's come so fast, and yet it's taking forever to get here. We've only got two days of classes, and I did a little charity to get Wednesday off too. It will be nice to have a five day break... Really looking forward to it... especially because Mom arrives Wednesday afternoon for the entire weekend. Do you know how long it's been since I've seen people I love? Okay... don't want to cry again!

So I've got a weekend of grading (report card marks due Monday), cleaning, singing and grocery shopping ahead of me. I might spread that out a little bit and not try to shove it all in at once. I'm in dire need of a good, solid night's sleep, too. Counting the weeks and days until I arrive in Winnipeg for Christmas! Only 32 days!

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Brenda said...

Oh, how wonderful to hear that you're singing!! Good, good stuff! Talk about widening your horizons ... or opening new windows! You'll make some great connections and friendships, doing the things you love to do!
Yahoo! Mom will be there soon! I hear ya there! I'm a mom myself, but when I feel frightened, sad,confused, or bursting with enthusiasm, my Mom is who I call - even when she's way "down" in Arizona! :D

Sounds like you're getting busy with some "Melanie" time. Good for you!

Have the best, best, BEST time with your Mom next week, Melanie! I'll be thinking of you both with much joy!

Take good care,