Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to Winter...

So it snowed, sleeted and rained for about 12 hours and covered everything in a wet and icy layer. The power blinked off and on again once around 2 PM, but the cable was cutting in and out for most of the afternoon. It was a good day to stay inside, which is pretty much what I did. Here's a photo from the front door at about 9 AM.

Let's hope it over now!

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Kimber said...

So at first I thought, "hey, somebody vandalized Eve! Her front licenseplate is gone!" but then I looked at the Mazda beside you, and it doesn't have one either! So ... what? Is that a US thing, no front plates? It looks so strange!

Ok, so if this is what the Southerners call a "winter storm", then I'm not at all afraid for when we arrive. This isn't much at all! I guess icy, and ice is dangerous, but the snow is so mild! Still, I'm very tempted to bring winter boots ... if only they'd fit in my suitcase!!