Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Halfway there!

I hear my favorite northerners got blasted this week(end) with a blizzard! Yikes! I don't envy anyone... Well, maybe those who had a snow day! Hope you all managed to get through unscathed and warm. :o)

Not much to say right now... It's the change of semester. We've had a couple of pupil-free days to help with the transition. It's amazing how you can fill up a day even when you have no classes to teach! It's been nice not having to worry about an exact schedule. Tomorrow it begins anew, and the first few days will be like the first ones all over again. I can't help but feel a little nervous. I'm trying to stay optimistic that I'll have fewer struggles this semester now that I've "been around the halls" a few times. It's going to be a busy week -- even if it is short!

I hope all is well with you! I'll post back again in a few days! :o)

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