Friday, January 29, 2010


So there's big hype of yet another threatened winter storm, and it looks like this one will actually make an appearance. Have you been watching the news about the weather that they've had in the southern-midwest? It's rolling this way, and should arrive overnight. Snow, sleet, freezing rain. They say that there might be as much as a half-inch of ice in and around this area, and that the power service might be affected.

So I went and did my usual Saturday grocery-shopping after school. The store was busy. The gas station afterwards was worse! I was there for 20 minutes, mostly waiting! I was a little perturbed when a big truck cut me off as I gave the car in front of me some extra room at the pump -- the driver just snuck around me and cut in! Had a few choice words in my car about that one. ;o)

I'm not quite sure what to expect tomorrow. What if the power goes out? That would change my weekend plans a fair bit! Should keep the heat in the house up overnight just in case? It's funny... I'm used to winter storms... snow and wind and maybe a small outage, but this could be very different!

I suppose there's not much else I can do except make sure that the flashlight has fresh batteries and that I've got stuff to keep me warm. Bummer. I was looking forward to a drive over to Fayetteville tomorrow.

Oh well! Hope you all are staying warm this weekend, too!

If I loose contact for a little while, and Sunday comes and goes... HAPPY 65th BIRTHDAY DAD!!! :o)

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Steph said...

i don't have snow forecasted up here for the weekend (the storm is supposed to pass just to the south) but it is FRIGID. like, seriously cold. not fun.

meanwhile, my friend erin who lives mildly close to you is talking abotu the storm as well. she's from up here in pa so she also has a bit more experiance with must be hard for both of you, dealing with people who have not a clue what to do with lots of ice and snow.

have a good weekend! i'll be watching the weather channel to see what happens ;)