Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year has begun...

Welcome to 2010 everyone!!

I hope you all enjoyed the last few days of 2009 and were able to ring in the new year the way you wanted! I spent the evening the same way I have for the last several years... with my best friends! We went to dinner and took in a comedy show. Fun!

I'm going back to NC tomorrow. I'm heartbroken to be leaving again... These past 10 days have been awesome and it makes me miss home even more! I know that's not the way to look at it, but it's going to be very hard to get on that plane in a little over 24 hours.

But! Until then I plan to enjoy the remaining hours in the frigid Great White North. Let's have a relaxing day at home! It's too cold to go outside anyway. We'll eat some yummy Ukranian food, watch TV and play Wii... Sounds great.

To those of you I managed to see over the last week or so... Thanks for making the effort and being so happy to see me! And to those who I didn't get to see... I guess the loss belongs to both of us! Don't worry... I'll be back in June and we'll have lots of time to catch up then.

Here's to a delightful 2010 for everyone! Happy New Year!

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