Sunday, December 27, 2009

Little pleasures...

Welcome back... I hope everyone has a good Christmas... You know I did! :o)

It's been so great being home, very relaxing and comfortable. Even with the dump of snow we got over the last couple of days. Sorry guys... I guess I wished a little too hard for a white Christmas. On Christmas day we had brunch at my parents with Blair, Janel and Janel's parents. Afterwards my Mom and I trekjked out to Blockbuster to rent movies. We played a little Wii and then watched Mamma Mia! (I can't believe neither one of us had seen it before!) Saturday we had out traditional brunch/lunch out with my Mom's side of the extended family. We get a little break today, and then Christmas Round II (sort of) starts later on today and tomorrow when my uncle and his family return from the Dominican and we spend some time with them. It will be nice... I can't remember the last time I saw them - probably last Christmas!

One of the best things about coming home was returning to my home church -- which I did officially on Christmas Eve. I was able to practice and since with my choir, and it felt fantastic. I know that a lot of my choirmates read this blog (HI!) and so do my pastors. Spending some time with them inbetween serivces on Thursday was great (yay for the minestrone!) and I can't wait till I can return for good in the future. I plan to take a peace light with me back to the church I've been hanging out in down south, and telling everyone what an awesome community I come from!

On Christmas Eve it's been tradition for the last few years for one of our ministers (Jeff) to tell a story about Reverend Julie Woodson and her church and congregation. Truly fictional with some real-life connections, I look forward to these stories every year and this last one was no exception. If you're looking for a glimpse through the eyes of Rev. Woodson, check out and find Jeff's stories! (The first one is easy to find... but the rest are there, too!)

In the coming dasys I'm looking forward to spending time with more family and friends, doing a little shopping at my favourite hometown stores and maybe even trying out the skating trails. I wonder if the river is open yet? I'll likely post more here and there, but until then... Continue to enjoy your holidays! I know I will!

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