Thursday, December 24, 2009

The BEST gift of all...

Here we are on Christmas Eve! And so I give you the gift of a Christmas Eve post!

Got together with my best firends yesterday. It was great... even if they were all sniffling and high on Buckley's. I'm trying NOT to get sick while I'm here, but I suppose if I do, it'll be worth it. They took me for a ride around the swanky part of the city to see the Christmas lights... Some displays were impressive, and others were less so. We grabbed some Timmies while we were out... And I had more this morning too! Ahh.... that's a hometown staple that I missed!

I know that we'll all be out and about over the next few days, and some of you will read this sooner... others later. But whenever you come across this blog again, I wanted you to know that I wish nothing but the very best this Christmas for you and the people you love. Being home -- even if we're not doing anything super special -- is the best Christmas gift I could have gotten. The second best is knowing that all of you are where you want to be right now... wherever that may be!! :o)

So MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Have an awesome day today and tomorrow. Stay warm, stay safe, and be happy.

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