Monday, December 7, 2009

Fa la la la... la?

So we lost the Brain Game. But we didn't do half bad... The team started off strong with the Pop Culture round, and then weakened a bit in the middle with some names and dates. We had a really strong Science round, and it was anybody's game until the last two rounds (Globetrotting and Across America) when the other two teams blew ahead. The kids were disappointed, but we were proud of them anyways! The game will air in January on a local station.

I'm fighting off a bit of a headcold. It's not too bad... just congestion and grogginess. It's the first time I've been sick since I got here, so I suppose I was due for it. Better now than in two weeks...

The weekend was cold. Saturday was rainy, and Sunday was just chilly. Mind you, this isn't saying much when we compare it to Winterpeg temperatures. ;o) There was a threat of snow for late Saturday, but it didn't happen in this area of the state. Oh well. Maybe next month.

The lack of snow is one of the reasons why I can't seem to get much into the holiday spirit, despite all the holiday related shows and movies on TV, and all the holiday music on the radio and in the stores. (There's even a station that plays all holiday music...) There are lights around town, decorations that people put out in their yards, but it's falling flat for this northerner. I just don't buy it when there are still leaves! Santa and his sleigh look silly riding across the grass...

I haven't even been able to Christmas shop the way I've wanted to. I'm doing some of it online, and shipping it home. Some stuff I'm bringing with me. I'm afraid to forget someone in the mix! Can't wrap the presents that have to go through customs, and I only just started my Christmas card list. I haven't had much time, energy or motivation to do any Christmas baking, either.

Do I sound like a Humbug? I really don't mean too, honest!! I actually want to be in the Christmas spirit, but I'm having a hard time finding it. I know it'll all come surging towards me as the 22nd gets closer and I finally pack for the visit home. I can't wait for that. Only two weeks! In the meantime, I'll keep surrounding myself with merriment and the like!

Love to everyone!

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