Saturday, December 19, 2009

Making a list, checking it twice...

Well, it felt more like I was getting up for work this morning at the usual time... A little cruel for a Saturday. But the 5K came and went... pretty well, actually. The rain stopped around 7:15 AM as we were driving out to Fayetteville, but the air was still brisk and damp, which made it feel pretty chilly. I dressed in layers though, so I was good for the most part. The run/walk was good. Lots of runners... lots of walkers. It was half uphill, which was a challenge... my knee started to protest partway into the climb, and it's still bugging me now. I suppose I'll live though.

Did a bit of shopping on the way home... Not much left to get, but I still think I'm missing someone! A couple of stops in Raleigh on Monday evening and I should be done. My suitcase is 2/3rds full of gifts already... and I'm still packing! I don't prefer to pack early, because that's when I usually bring more than I need and regret it later.

Well, I'm going to (try) to chill out and relax this evening. Maybe watch a movie or something. I've got some school-work that I brought home, but it likely won't get touched today. Yeah, a real shame. ;o)

Only three sleeps until I'm on my way home!

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