Wednesday, December 23, 2009

There`s no place like home...

Seriously, I have nary a care in the world right now. :o)

Monday I tried to be productive, and I did manage to get most of what I wanted done. I slipped out around 3. Stopped at the postoffice, Walmart (to pick up my new specs!) and home where I grabbed my suitcase, looked the place over once or twice and headed out. I was almost out of town when I realized I had left my iPod in my school bag. I guess I needent have turned back, because when I tried to use it the next day, I realized that it was dead! Bummer... but it really didn`t phase me much because I wad GOING HOME!!!

The traffic in the Raleigh area was a little crazy. I made a stop for some dinner and then got to my hotel. Signed myself up for A 3:30 wake up call and a 4:30 shuttle and I was done for the night. Had a rather restless sleep... I don`t know if I reached REM. So I was a little bleary-eyed when I arrived at the airport. The plane rides were quiet (well, except for the random crying children) and my fast connection in Minneapolis (one end of the terminal to the next) didn`t manage to cause much trouble. Got back at 10:45 AM local time.

It feels fantastic to be around family and friends. Being away really makes you appreciate what you`ve got back home. This is so true. I`m looking forward to a quiet, peaceful and content holiday. :o)

Hope you all are somewhere that makes you happy this week. I will post more in the days to come. Love to all!

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Steph said...

you forgot to mention taht awesome gift you picked up at the post office before you left ;) ;)

just kidding! i'm so glad you're home and relaxing. i can imagine how wonderful it must feel.