Friday, August 14, 2009

You asked for it...

... a picture post!

The first set of photos were taken when we went to Wilmington last Sunday and visited the USS North Carolina battleship, and actualy vessel used in WWII. We spent about 1.5 hours on the ship, exploring all the levels and sections. Lots of hot and cramped spots!

Yes, the sign in that last one actually says 'Don't Feed the Alligators'. We were tempted, but looked in the river and didn't see any. :o(

This batch was taken yesterday at my school. My mom played photog while she helped me set up my classroom.

The lights in the room are on motion sensors... They automatically come on when you enter, and go out when there has been much motion in the room after some time. It's a way to conserve energy... But I imagine it will get annoying when I have a class writing a test, and suddenly all the lights go out!

Playing around with my SmartBoard!

My is on the second floor, and opens out into the atrium. There's a lot of natural light in this area of the school. Sweet view!

This is what greets you when you enter the front doors of the school. My mom thought that it was pretty impressive that there was such elaborate furniture out there where students gather. I think it's rather cool, too!

Outside the front doors of the school. The school opened year, and until this fall was the most state of the art school in all of NC. (I think another new school is opening somewhere else this fall that slightly edges us out!)

Okay, okay... I know you've been waiting patiently to see pictures of my new apartment. Just remember! I moved in exactly a week ago with no furniture! I still have not had time to unpack any accessories or personal items. It's pretty sparse, and these are the only photos I'm showing you right now. If you're very nice and send presents, perhaps one day when I finally get this place looking 85% decent, I will show you more.

The last one was taken last night at dinner with Alvin and his family. I said before... They are are really great people to hang out with. Alvin and his wife, Rosalyn make the transition easier, and I know I'm going to enjoy having them as neighbours!

I promise, these won't be the last of the pictures. But they might be the last ones for a little while, as I transfer my concentration from the move to getting ready for the start of school.

My parents leave on Sunday, so tomorrow we're going in to the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area to do a little exploring. We'll spend the night near the airport, then I'll come back Sunday by myself. It's going to be hard saying goodbye to them, because I know that it will be months before I have visitors from home again. But I plan to use the time wisely, and am looking forward to the next phase of the transition!


Kimber said...

Wow! Your school looks AMAZING! It's gorgeous! I wish our high school had been that nice, it might have made going there a bit easier. I was going to ask in the last post what exactly a "Smartboard" was, but now I see ... it's sort of like a computer monitor that you can control from your laptop, and the kids can see. Right? Is this in place of a traditional chalk/wipeboard, or do you have both? Pretty neat.

And your apartment is gorgeous too! I'm jealous that you have a staircase and a second level!!! It's like a mini house. I like the furniture ... is it all stuff you bought, or was some of it left behind?

Thanks for getting the pics up so quickly ... now I feel like I've been there with you, and have seen what you see every day. You know, until I *can* get there and see it all for real!

Anonymous said...

love hte battleship pictures! your little family is so cute-i don't know if i've ever seen your parents before! i think the battleship woudl be interesting, i've only ever been on a sub (not the most fun adventure in the world) but it was many moons ago, and i don't remmeber it at all...

the school is ridiculously beautiful! my high school was built 10 years ago and seem so new to me-this puts it to shame. the atrium area is gorgeous! and if i didn't say it before, iam so jealous of that smartboard!

and the apartment looks nice, if a little white. mine is also very white, but as you said, you need to put personal things on it, pictures, hangings, etc etc to make it your own space. and fyi, we can't send you anything if you don't give us your address :P

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Your school looks freakin fantastic!! Geezzz... I'm jealous! LOL My bumpkin school is so not "state of the art" ... tres, tres chic. ;) As for the apartment... just throw some things on the wall! I actually have a couple big posters that are "classy looking" that I can't seem to keep on my walls... maybe you'd like em? I can bring em along whenever we get together!

The pics are awesome... oh and that one with Alvin and fam.. how cute is that little girl givin the peace sign?!! HAHA. Adorable. I know you're enjoying time with the 'rents before they leave... but if I don't hear from you within this upcoming week... I'll give ya a call! This is so exciting! :)

-Barbs :)