Saturday, August 29, 2009


Steph -- I am familiar with block teaching. It's really the only schedule I've ever had to follow. I've typically had between 60-80 minute periods, so I'm used to it. In fact, I like it more than shorter classes, especially in higher grades, because you can get a lot done. Then again, if it's an especially difficult class, it can seem much longer for both the teacher and the kids. ;o) When I taught 40 minute classes, I felt like we'd just be getting into the lesson, and the bell would ring. Plus, shorter classes meant more during the day, which meant you'd be transitioning often, which takes up time, and well... The benefits and disadvantages of each kind of schedule are good for a debate, because it means that we're thinking about how kids learn best throughout the entire school year!

My seminar today was very good. Engaging and motivating. I definitely feel good about having given up a Saturday to go. It continues on the 12th and the 26th of September, so it will really gear me up for the rest of the year. Today we talked a lot about ways that we can effectively manage our classrooms effectively while still maintaining positive, productive relationships with our students. I grabbed a couple of tools for my back pocket, and will definitely consider trying them out in the near future. My classes seem like they would respond well to them, and I could be able to avoid any pending problems that are bound to crop up once the honeymoon phase dies off... which is already beginning to happen.

I thought a lot about my former students back home today. I do miss (most) of them! I wonder how they are doing, and how the new school year will be for them. If any of my HAWKS cronies are lurking in the background -- let the kids know that I'm thinking about them!

I'm planning a little shopping trip to Fayetteville next weekend... Probably Saturday. I figured I would deserve it by then, and it'll be something fun to do to keep me from going catty on the long weekend (since I currently have no other plans). They say that the weather is supposed to cool this week. Not sure how "chilly" it's actually going to get, but I'm sure whatever the temperature becomes, it will likely still be warmer here than it is up north! (Sorry... I am missing the cooler temps, though.)

The guy in the apartment to very left of me is not exactly the most considerate of neighbors. For starters, he likes to thump around, and I can hear it pretty good depending on where I am in my place. We share front steps, and he often sits out and chats on the phone -- while smoking. The smoking doesn't bother me, but it might if I spent more time outside. It's his dogs that are the bigger issue. He's got two small ones, and I really just lets them have the run of the complex. they run all over the parking lot! One even did his business right on my back porch! I complained to my landlord once about them being loose, and him not picking up after them. I guess she talked to him but I'm not sure how seriously he took it, because now he only ties up one, and it's still on a leash long enough for the dog to get into my space. I still haven't seen him pick up after them, but that doesn't mean he doesn't do it. I'd say something to him, but is he really going to listen to me? Should I call the landlord again. What will she do? Will it fix the problem, or cause him to be even more obnoxious?

Last Saturday, I guess a couple of his buddies dropped by, and one parked in the stall directly outside my front window. They didn't even have the decency to turn off their lights -- just let them shine right in! And since all our windows are single paned, I can pretty much hear any kind of commotion that comes from outside.

(FYI, I barely hear my neighbors on the right. Mind you, the orientation the apartments promotes more of a sound barrier, but still. Barely anything)

Am I being a little too stiff on all of this? Could it be that I've just been spoiled by good neighbors in the past? I was told that this was a quiet, unobtrusive complex? Maybe I'm just next to the wrong person, and I have to build up more tolerance. Any advice?

Okay, I think I'm going to go ahead and post this thing, or I'll babble even myself to sleep! I'm sorry. None of it is breaking news or even poignant stuff, but it's the best I can come up with after a long week. I promise I'll post more entertaining material at another time. :o)



Anonymous said...

i don't know what advice i have to say for your obnixous neighbor. i don't have a dog issue, because we can't have animals :( but i do have some noise issues. maybe a month or so ago my next door neighbors moved out, but that was after two years of being able to hear them through the thinnish walls-namely their always crying (and i mean scremaing like someone was hurting him crying) toddler son. i have a neighbor downstairs who has a lot of people coming in and out and they always have their radios loud that i can hear through my windows even when they're closed.

you said your complex was described as quiet and unobtrusive. having said all that, overall taht would be how i would describe my apartment. i've just also had some ill luck with neighbors. i do have wonderful ones too. the woman who lives below me gives me snacks and always says hello and asks how i am. i've never bothered with complaining to my landlord, or asking him to say something to other tennants. like you said, i don't know how much it would help or change anything.

wow. that was a long spiel about neighbors and tennants. im sorry you're dude is an idiot. :/

Kimber said...

Sorry to hear you're having issue with an inconsiderate neighbour! And yes, I do consider him "inconsiderate", from what you have said. Letting his dogs run into your property is RUDE! And doing their business on your property? Also rude! I know people have lives to live, and as someone who has being complained *about*, I understand the need to just let people be, but ... to what limit?

I do think you should take this up with your landlord again, especially the dog issue. Maybe this is one reason why dogs aren't usually allowed in complexes ... because of people like this! The dogs should be kept scrictly on his property, and you shouldn't have to deal with them, or see them. He should also at least have to keep his noise down, and tell is guests to do the same.

The smoking on the steps would bug me BIG TIME, though I'm glad you aren't too upset with it. One of the downstairs neighbours in my building (the woman directly below Melissa) started using her balcony this summer, and I'm certain she's a chain smoker, since she's always out there, always smoking, and the smoke ALWAYS seems to find a way of billowing up into my front window.

Grrr! to tenancy!!

Blair said...


If I was you, I would maybe approach the landlord about switching units to another available one. I am not sure how big the complex is, and how often there are vacancies, but it may be worth a shot asking. And since you don’t have a ton of furniture it would be easier to move now than in 6 months.

Asking the landlord to talk to the guy isn’t going to help in the long run. Sure he may adjust for a couple weeks, but by the sounds of his disregard for other people, he will probably incoherently go back to his old ways.

Just my two pennies.