Thursday, August 20, 2009

Short and sweet!

I was blessed with something glorious this AM... the chance to sleep in! We're working 12 - 8 PM today for our Open House. Yesterday was another full one, but I managed to have some time in the afternoon in my classroom. Tomorrow night is the first football game (a home game) of the season. If they don't need any help at the ticket booth, I'll probably go and give my support to the team. I'll also get to see the marching band debut at the game, too! This is the stuff of a real AMERICAN high school! ;o)

I added some links at the bottom of the blog. I'm finally on the school website! Yesterday I updated my profile, so if you care to take a gander, go and find it!

Hope you're all doing well!


Kimber said...

Yay for sleeping in! I'm jealous of your school experience ... a marching band and real American football game? Wow! It's like TV, but only in real life!!

P.S. I can't get the two Clinton HS links at the bottom of your blog to work. ??? I really wanted to find you!

Melanie said...

Whoops! Should be fixed now. :o)

Doug and Joan said...

Hope your Open house went well. The students will be saying a new teacher and wondering where you live in Clinton,what you are like,is she strict.We couldn't get the links to work either. Enjoy the band and the game tomorrow. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

haha...i love how much stock you guys put into the fact that it's an American football game and American marching band. i suppose i would be the same way if iw as in canada, but still-so cute!

let me know how their marching band is! scope out if the director is an old man/woman so i can take their place next year! if not, knock em off for me before hte end of the year ;)

Kimber said...

Hey! Me again ... second link still not working, but I think I found the site via the first site (you seem to have a .chs where I think it should actually be .cch) - cool bio! If I see you in the hallways, I will certainly say "hello!" ;)

Oh, and barefootbeach ... I think the reason we Canucks get so excited about "American football/band" is because I don't think that stuff is as huge here as it is there in the US of A. I think we had a football team in high school (or did we? See, this is how little it matters!), but our hockey team was much more exciting, I believe. And marching band ... ??? Hmm. Just seems like on "American TV/movies" school spirit, sports, bands, and even prom are a bigger deal in the US. Which is cool!!

Kimber said...

Oh ... PPS ... (I'm hijacking your blog now, Lanie!!) ... barefootbeach, clicked on your LJ link (because I'm nosy like that) and I LOVE your Lady Antebellum header! And the fact that you listed "Firefly" as one of your constants.

But wait, this is Melanie's blog, right? So I should say something about Melanie in this post ... um ... Melanie is an awesome, AWESOME friend who always makes me feel like a million bucks, and I dearly miss our SYTYCD Date Nights :( Do you think it would be expensive for me to fly down for Weds/Thursdays in the Fall? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lanie! I saw your page... SO cool! And yes, that is cute that you're all excited about football... I haven't been to a Northeast HS game in a looooong time... but us middle school teachers don't care as much. MS games are fun, but nowhere near the craziness of a HS game! :)

Cannot WAIT to have lunch with you tomorrow, my friend! It's been a long time comin! I'm so excited! :) See you at noon!