Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two photos...

... From orientation. The first is my roommate, Isabel and I. The second is a bunch of us at our party the last night of orientation. We represent the future of global education!

More photos will come in the future.... Of my new apt, my new school.... Just stay tuned!


Doug and Joan said...

We are enjoying reading the blogs.Glad you are back up and running with them again.Happy to hear everything is going well.That you like your place and your school.Weather has been very hot here the last 3 days(30-33C) or for your American friends(90-92F). The high today is 28.I don't see any guys in the picture? Enjoy the remaining time with your parents.Look forward to hearing about their trip when they get home. Take care

Kimber said...

Hey! The Buckinghams commented! Before their sweet daughter, Tina? Tsk tsk tsk. Guess they are more technologically savy than her!

Nice to see pics ... look at you! Really in Americaland! (Because you know, you *say* you're there, but we see no proof!). Your group looks lovely ... but yes, no dudes? All lady teachers?

Can't wait to see the pics of your school, and your apt, and ... the Pacey Witter statue you *claim* wasn't there...

MS said...

Ha ha! The Buckinghams did indeed beat out their daughter in her first comment! Tsk tsk. And it's not as if she doesn't have computer access at the house. Unless the cats and birds are keeping her so busy that she's falling exhausted into bed at 7 pm every night. Or, maybe "Doug and Joan" is really Tina, masquerading as her parents?

Anyways, I digress. To respond to your comment about no "dudes" in the picture. There were only two male VIF teachers in the orientation, Raoul and Owen. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, Raoul must have taken that second photo. He joined the group afterwards when someone else came over to snap group shots (but not mine). Raoul... good guy. Great dancer. Owen must have been camera shy. :o)

Tina said...

Hey...the 'daughter' is here!

I was kind enough to send the link to them so they could read of the happenings. Remember, y'all...those Buckinghams are RETIRED and have nothing to do all of course they have time to reply before I do. Yes, before anyone else mentions it...with me being out of the house...they also have more time on their hands where they don't have to look after me ;)!

Nice pics...waiting for everyone else!

The cats and birds are keeping me busy, but no, I'm not in bed every night at 7. That would be nice though!

Glad to hear things are coming together with your classroom.

You will find that I am more of a stalker on something like this. I will read everything, but may not comment. I have been sending you emails I am not totally ignoring you. I'm more likely to comment through email.

Talk to you later!


P.S. Hi Mom and Dad and hi Kim (waving to everyone!) BTW, where is the fourth girl? Where are her comments...the first one to turn 29??!!