Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Good. I think I'll come back tomorrow..."

(That's what I said to a coworker this afternoon when he asked me about my first day with students.)

So I did manage to get more sleep than I thought I would! Was sacked out by 9:30 PM. Maybe it was the sangria...

Why did I worry? Today went well! Sure, it wasn't "perfect"... But it really doesn't matter because it's OVER! Made only two "rookie" mistakes... The first was thinking I could wear a pair of new shoes on a day when I knew I'd be on my feet 98.7% of the time. My puppy dawgs were hurting! (Note to self: Pack a pair of flip flops for the end of the day!) The second mistake was dismissing my class too early for lunch. (Second bell, second bell!) But everyone made it through the day without life-threatening incidents, so we're calling it a success. :o) I did learn one thing though...

Kids are kids, no matter what school, country or state you're in. I see the behaviors of many of my former students in the manners of those I teach now, and it confirms my belief that you can't just simply rely on the comments of a few. Give respect and you'll get respect. Kids these days just want to be made to feel important! You can be firm, fair and friendly at the same time. Smiling on the first day is not a way of showing weakness. Make your expectations clear, be consistent and you'll get results. It doesn't have to be a war. We can get along, despite having different personalities, opinions and goals.

Who wants to sing Kumbyah with me? ;o)

I got the nicest treat at the end of the day... A floral arrangement from friends back home! Tina, Doug and Joan -- Thank you soooo much! You made my day! I thought briefly about leaving it at the school, but I'm not sure I'm ready for the questions! Besides, I think I'll enjoy it much better at home where I can see them in the evening after a long day! And since they arranged the whole thing over the phone, they probably want to know what it looks like, so they'll appreciate this pic...


I'll comment a little more on my schedule tomorrow (the highlights and the lowlights!) or Thursday, depending on how tired I am!

One down, 179 to go!

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Anonymous said...

aww! yay! i was going to post on your facebook wall, but I thought i'd come here first and see if you'd updated! i'm glad you had a great first day! mines still a week away ;)