Thursday, March 18, 2010

The waiting is the hardest part...

I hear the snow has all but melted at home. That's great! Must be a record-melt! Hopefully this won't mean we'll have an early winter later this year...

The trees here are in their bidding stages, and some are blooming! I'm getting excited for spring break, which is still two agonizing weeks away. I'm hoping to make the time pass by faster by taking a couple of trips to the coast this weekend and next. The weather is supposed to be great this weekend... let's hope that the trend continues.

Things at work are going as well as they can. I still struggle in some areas, but I've had more decent days in recent weeks. I think that my biggest struggle this year has been realizing that there is tons of support out there and that it doesn't all have to be my burden. Having come from such a small school where I did a lot of everything... It's hard to relinquish that control again. I suppose my ego believes that giving in means giving up... admitting that I can't do it by myself. And I need to convince myself that it's not that I can't do it by myself -- it's that I don't have to! Which is not an easy thing to tell a stubborn person like me. ;o)

Everyone's ready for a break, though. The students, the faculty... We're treading water and trying not to strangle each other until spring break, wondering why it can't be next week already. ;o)

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