Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Go Black and Gold!

The Clinton Darkhorses are in the basketball playoffs! Tomorrow is another very important game! Unfortunately, it's about 2 hours away, in Greenville. The school is arranging bus transportation so that students and staff can go on and cheer for their team. I'm debating if I should go... Part of me would like to, but I'm pooped and I could really make better use of the 4 hours round-trip on a bus full of annoying teens. Still... Whoop whoop for the team! If we win a couple more, we're going to State!

It's raining right now, and the temperature is supposed to drop, so some of that might turn to snow. We likely won't get as much as last time (a record, BTW!), but a couple inches could be enough to give us a delayed start in the morning. It would be nice... to sleep in for an extra hour or two. I suppose I shouldn't jinx it -- with the winter we've been having, anything is possible!

Hope all is well with those I love and miss!

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