Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blame Canada...

So that delay I was hoping for was eventually announced last night... and then transformed into a full-on school cancellation this morning when we got a little more than expected. Something around 3 inches, which basically started melting as soon as the sun-rose, which made for a soggy, wet and flooded environment as those of us who didn't want to forgo a leave day tracked our way to school... a little late... but still there!

Now we've got another school day to make up for later on this month. Thankfully our Spring Break is still in tact -- for now!

Tomorrow we've got true two-hour delay, which means school starts at 9:45 AM. They are saying that this is the worst winter in years for precipitation and below-normal temperatures. Of course, everyone's blaming the lone Canadian in the midst for bringing the harsh weather with them. Geez... Can't catch a break around here!

I've been getting some pretty supportive reactions a people find out that I won't be back in September. My coworkers have all been really understanding -- they know how important it is to be happy with where you are and the difference you are making. Not many of my students know yet -- but I don't imagine that they many of them will care.

Those of my former students (from St. L) who I have kept in touch with are helping keeping my spirits up by posting their graduation pictures and counting down the days until their big Europe trip. I'm so happy that they are enjoying their final year. They are a great bunch of kids and I can't wait to celebrate with them in June.

I'm thinking about taking some university classes when I get back. There are a couple which could keep me really busy for the first part of my summer, but they'd prepare me for taking my M.Ed, which I am definite is in my near future. I just need to decide which branch I'd like to study!

Enjoy the rest of your week, my friends!

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Evan_369 said...

Oh Ms.S! Why did you have to leave us in our last year! I'm glad to hear that you are coming back, and happy that you had the experience you wanted in the US. Can't wait to see you in June!!!