Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Only hours away...

I am so ready for a BREAK! Everyone is! The kids, aside from having spring fever, are anticipating the prom tomorrow evening. Only juniors and seniors are invited to attend, and the school is slowly transforming into paparazzi-land. I'll try to take some pictures of the place finally decorated, but I won't get any pics of the actual event, because... well...

Tomorrow at 1 pm, spring break begins. And, after helping decorate for the prom, I'm "springing" myself from school, home to finish packing and then over to Raleigh to meet Mom. Friday morning we'll be on the train by 8:30 AM for a 6+ hour train ride to DC. The sun will shine and the scenery will be lovely (I've already decided this). We'll spend the entire weekend in Washington, exploring the sites (cherry blossoms!) and enjoying quality time together. We come home on Tuesday -- and I think the trip will be just long enough. Hopefully the rest of the week we'll have a chance to relax and rest up a little bit so we won't need a vacation from our vacation!

Ibeth is going to Miami for the break, with some other Colombian VIF teachers. She's just as excited as I am! Hopefully the weather stays as nice down there as it will be up here -- we're expecting high 70's to low 80's for the entire week without much mention of rain.

Brian and Annie are going up to Maine to visit family (and look for jobs!) and Alvin and his family are driving to Houston for the week. Surely we'll all have great stories to share when we see each other again. Goodness knows, we all deserve the change of scenery (and pace!).

So the next time you read from me, I'll be sharing my DC trip blog with you! Until then, take care and have a very HAPPY EASTER!


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