Friday, October 23, 2009

"We Run This"

That seemed to be the motto of our very lively -- and interesting -- spirit week.

Today is Homecoming. Every day this week has been a special theme day -- Monday was Sports Day, Tuesday was Nerd Day, Wednesday was Wacky Tacky Day, Thursday was Class Color Day, and today was Black and Gold Day in honor of our Dark Horses.

As in schools back home, students and staff participated by dressing up in outrageous ways -- some more than others. There were a few extra events this week -- an assembly on Monday and a pep rally today, plus the PowderPuff Football game yesterday, and of course, the big game today.

But there was also another, rather unpredicted event that seemed to take over the week. Two classes -- Juniors and Seniors, took on a rivalry of one-upmanship. It started early in the week when the Seniors hung signs and banners around the school staking their claim as class royalty. The Juniors didn't were not amused -- they figured that since they were going to be at the school long after the Seniors were gone, they should mark their territory and silence their elders. Signs were taken down, new ones put in their place. Innocent pranks were pulled on the competing classes. In some lights, it was funny to watch -- these are the loudest, proudest classes at the school, and they both wanted top spot.

Complaints were being made to administration (and to anyone in general) about how "unfair" one class was being to the other. As long as the acts were innocent, and no lasting harm was being done, it was all chalked up to love and war.

One of the pranks, which occurred overnight, involved trespassing and mild vandalism around the football stadium. That was crossing the line, and a stand had to be taken. I think there are a few seniors, and perhaps a few juniors, that will enjoy homecoming a little less today. Bummer.

I've had my own fires to fight this week. It seems that, with classes that have trouble concentrating on a good day, when you dress them in goofy clothing and plant revenge in their heads, productivity (and sanity!) becomes nearly impossible. I've got some work to do next week to reel us in and get us all back on track. Wish me luck -- I'm probably going to need it!

I took a few pictures this afternoon, which I'll try to post later this weekend. I am pretty tired from a long week -- an exciting, amusing, frustrating and trying week. :o)

P.S. Oh, what the heck... a few pictures from this afternoon's pep rally.

Miss CHS... A Junior... I have no clue who she is!
The Cheerleaders...

The Kings Court -- all those nominated for HC King... The crown was announced later at the rally.

The Queen's Court... The seven girls on the end were nominated for HC Queen, which will be crowned at the game tonight.

The marching band performing their competition routine, "Surf Radio" - very entertaining!

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Kimber said...

How did I not comment on this before? Well here I go ... CHEERIOS!! Love it. Looks like so much fun!