Monday, October 5, 2009

Feeling warm on a dreary, rainy evening...

Thanks to a nice shower and a sweatshirt! I could seriously just curl up on the sofa for the next three hours... who knows, I just might!

But first! A picture! My very best Barabear made the trek to Clinton this weekend for a visit. It was a great time spent with a really dear friend. :o) We ate some BBQ, took in the marching bands at Band Day, tested our stamina with Trivial Pursuit 90's Edition (the girl is a trivia Queen!), gabbed and bonded. It was just what we both needed (and deserved!).

I'd planned to play muse to her camera and take pictures around town, but by the time we got around to a stroll downtown, the only thing open was the men's barber shop and the Family Christian store. So pics of Clinton will have to wait. Someday, I'll make good on that promise.

Anyways, we did manage to take one commemorative photo, to prove to everyone that we really do have the ability to arrange ourselves in the same location at the same time. May have taken ten years, but hey... It was worth the wait! We'll make up for it, I'm sure, in the months to come!

This photo is credited to Ms. Schrom's Nikon, and Ibeth , aka Ms. G. I swiped it from Barb's Facebook. Yes, we make a lovely pair. And she really is that tall! ;o)
Good Monday evening! :o)

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Anonymous said...

I'm crazy Amazon Lady! ... Oh fo' reals, there will be many, many more photographic moments to come. Downtown Clinton was a hoot. We should have taken a pic of the only two shops open. ... And that Beehive Thrift Store. I'm tellin' you... that is THE happenin' spot in C-town. When open for business. ... :)

Oh... you need to check out JoJo's pic of Josh Charles on FB. Hottie McTottie. I miss his cute face on my TV.

Hope you had a good Monday and a better night curled up on the couch.