Friday, October 2, 2009

Change. It's what's in your pocket.

How many posts can I center around the theme change?

The end of the first six weeks of school is next week. For most students and teachers, it means a time to assess where we are and what we need to do to make the next six weeks just as productive, or even more successful. It's no different for me. I've been doing some reflecting of my own (okay a lot of reflecting) and I've made the decision that I need to make some changes in my priorities as a teacher.

For one, I've been totally pushing the urge to want to delve into learning how to use all the great technology available at the school -- and even right in my classroom! I've been so busy trying to keep everything else in check, I haven't been doing what I really want to do. So I'm putting it on paper that in the next several weeks, I'm committed to incorporating more and more of this fantastic software into my lessons. It's really an opportunity that I cannot pass up, because anywhere else (back home) it wouldn't be an option.

Second, I've decided to put aside the nagging thoughts about "I need to be just accomplished as everyone else, or my efforts are a waste". I've got a great mentor at the school, and she continually tells me that I am a gifted and worthy team member and that she's glad to have me around. Sure, she'll tell me I'm not perfect, and she'll offer suggestions. And before, I might have felt bad about it, but I realize that these are my adversaries, not my competition, and I would be nuts not to soak up all they have to give. I'm not "department of 1" any more... I need to take advantage of this fantastic resource.

I've been so focused on getting through day after day without irrecoverable disaster that I've forgotten why I love my job. I need to challenge myself by challenging my students. If I want them to think higher, I need to think higher. I need to set new goals that don't just revolve around teacher maintenance, but educational motivation.

The next six weeks will be different. Let's count on it. :o)

Barb is coming into town tomorrow to check this place out. We're planning on hanging out a little at the school, as the band is hosting Band Day (marching band competitions with other schools from around the region). It's an all evening event, so we likely won't stay the entire time. It'll be nice hosting my first visitor since my parents left. Hopefully it won't be the only visitors I get in the next while!

Have a great weekend everyone! Do something special for yourselves!

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