Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hoops for Hope

So this week is Breast Cancer Awareness Week in The US, and to commemorate, the girls basketball teams have been running a campaign in honor of Kay Yow, a former NC State basketball coach who lost her life to the disease in 2009. This week they are playing all their home games (today and Friday) wearing pink jerseys. I stopped in at one of the games tonight as I was leaving work (much too late for my liking), and watched their dedication ceremony. It was a great show of respect to the legacy of the women who had fought and lost the battle, and a huge show of support to those who are fighting and surviving.

My mom is a two time breast cancer survivor. She was only 26 when she was first diagnosed. When she was diagnosed again, I was still too young to really understand. In recent years I've realized how extremely blessed that my mother is to have overcome and to be a 20+ year survivor. Without the ongoing support of others, medical researchers wouldn't be able to keep searching for better ways to detect and treat this disease, and a cure would not be on the horizon. Wear pink just once this week, and let others know why.

Love to all!



Tina said...


I'm wearing pink today!!

See you in:

0 years
0 months
0 weeks
1 day
31 hours
1899 minutes
113980 seconds!!

I have my airplane outfit all picked out and I am planning on wearing blue! Look for three girls...at least one in blue! I am SO ready for the Cheesecake Factory...Taco Salad here I come. YUM!!!

See you Thursday evening!

Doug and Joan said...

Only 1 more sleep and the Canadian girls will be there.Clinton and area will never be the same. Have fun.