Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dressed in Blue...

It's Super Bowl Sunday (duh) and I'm doing probably the most American thing that I've done since I got here. I'm actually going to watch the game. Moreover, I'm watching the game at my first Super Bowl party! Okay, so it probably won't be anything spectacular, but I'm just happy to be going out and doing something social on a Sunday evening! On Friday my students asked me who I was rooting for, and after a pause for me to actually recall who was playing... I went with the Colts. What can I say... I'm loyal to my northern roots! ;o)

Last week felt like an extremely long week. There was so much going on! Our schedules were all out of whack. I can only imagine what all those schools in other counties are dealing with... some had four days out of school last week alone!

I've been preparing for the arrival of Kimber, Tina and Melissa on Thursday (!!!) ... Cleaning the house, making up beds, etc. I'm really looking forward to their visit in a big way. Here's hoping that the next four days aren't excruciatingly long and slow...

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Yap at you soon!

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