Saturday, September 12, 2009

"We're all in this together..."

Okay, I should change my last comment about fall-like weather because it's looking summery outside right now. Was a little overcast earlier, but it's pretty warm out! Would have been a great weekend to go to the beach, but I had a seminar today so I had to kibosh that idea. It's supposed to stay in the 80s all next week, which is just fine while it lasts!

I thought I'd take some time to go back through some of the comments that have been left over the last little while. Some of you have left questions that I never really did answer. I so apologize for that! :o)

Kimber asked
"Your school dress code sounds interesting! And good, I think. Is there a dress code for teachers too? I mean, I'm assuming you'll have to leave all of your "bar clothes" at home ;) but it's good the students also can't get away with low cut tops, and sloppy outfits. Do you find the kids are pretty law-abiding so far? Do they just get used to it, or do you think you'll have one (or two) that will try and test the boundaries still?"

Oh, they will still try to test the boundaries! I think it's ingrained in their nature to see a rule and instantly want to break it. According to other teachers, they have seen improvement. Untucked shirts are the most repeated offenses, as are lowcut tops on girls.

Teachers don't have to follow all the same rules as the students. According to our handbook, we are expected to dress professionally, though that interpretation is not specifically defined. Usually, that means no jeans or sloppy t-shirts. We aren't supposed to wear sneakers, or flip flops. The kids can wear jeans, flip flops and sneakers. Staff can wear jeans on Fridays, but only if they are wearing school colors or CHS shirts. I haven't worn jeans to school yet. I do have my denim dress that I've worn once and no one has said it's inappropriate. Maybe they will one day, but I happen to think I look quite teacher-ish in it!

Brenda said...
OK, I know I'm sounding like a mom, but hey! I AM a mom! You, my dear, are the kind of person I would WANT to have teaching my kids...
You're keeping it together better than most people I'll bet, so get out there, be strong, and share that sparkle that those of us who know you,have come to love and enjoy!

This very nearly made me cry when I read it first! I do gain more confidence with each passing day (as well as more relieved that I've gone another day without disaster!), and it's because of comments like this that I keep looking for new ways to improve instead of throw in the towel.

Blair said...

You'll also be surprised at how well you do, by taking a deep breath every now and then. Be relaxed!

That's why you totally should have been born first! You've got loads more experience with new places, people and expectations. Encouragement like that from you means the world to me. Thanks. :o)

Doug and Joan said ...

A couple of ideas for dealing with your neighbour. Doug says to put the dog droppings at his door. My idea is to get a baby gate and put it across the opening so the dog can't come on your deck or you could have the man over for supper to talk things over (joking)!!

Well, I haven't encountered any more droppings, but I'm still not completely convinced that it's because he picks it all up. The gate is a good idea. You think a lot like my Mother. I am going to see how I can make something like that work. I haven't noticed the dogs out much on my back porch. I don't know if this means I'm just getting used to it, or if he's really making more of an effort to keep them on his side. My landlord knows that he doesn't always tether them, and she said she would take care of it. She also offered me a viewing of another suite. It won't be ready until October though, and she has others who are interested in it. Since I was still on the fence about whether or not I wanted to move, I thanked her for thinking of me and told her to make arrangements with the other prospective tenant. I just don't know if I can stress another move as I get more settled into this place. We'll see if I regret that or not. If I do, you all are welcome to say I told you so.

Steph said...
ya know, it's funny. i grew up in a house on the back side of a very small town where the main street was the only place with a sidewalk. it wasn't ever an issue though bceause i would ride my bike, i walk with gandalf, all along the side of hte road because there is little to no traffic......

Yeah, there isn't much traffic here, either. Well, not as much as I am used to. But I do love my walks, for the same reason you enjoy them... It's a chance to take in the view! (I used to walk around my uni campus all the time, too.) Luckily, I have since discovered that just down the road is a street with some cute houses on it and a narrow, sidewalk-like path. And I completely forgot about the roads around the cemetery... They aren't traveled much, and they would make do as well. Which leads me too...

Doug and Joan asked...
A couple of things...Do you walk to school? Can you have breakfast at the school?

The school is in the same direction as the cemetery, about a mile beyond. Unfortunately, while close in proximity, there isn't enough of a shoulder to walk on along the road. And it is pretty busy in the morning, with everyone going to school. So I don't think I would try to walk. Would be nice if I could, though!

I think that teachers are allowed to eat breakfast at the school. It's free for all students, but not for teachers. If we eat, we buy a la carte. It's probably cheaper to eat at home. Besides, I don't usually have much time after I get to school -- I'm usually rushing around trying to get myself ready before 7:45 am! I have bought lunch though. There are two lunch lines... The reduced lunch (for $1.75) is usually more nutritious because it follows the food guide. The more expensive lunch is your typical fries, burgers, etc. They have a couple of options on each side every day. It's nothing super fancy, but sometimes when you're too lazy to make/bring your lunch, it comes in handy! Of course, you can probably tell which line the kids would prefer to get lunch from, but some of them just don't have that option...

Stephen finally said...

I'm glad to see that you seem to be settling in and that things are going mostly well for you. You're a smart gal, and resourceful, so no big surprise there. The 'Peg is surviving without you, but just barely. No doubt you've heard, we finally got summer weather up here. Slightly late, but we'll take what we can get.

Yeah, Firefox can be picky sometimes. I understand. Glad to see that things are holding together. Though I heard that once I left, Gary Doer said he could no longer legislate a province that I didn't live in and announced his plans to change jobs. Heh.

Enjoy your summer. The snow will fly before you know it! And congrats on joining the Carillons! (Are you double teaming it like Tina?) We knew that the brainwashing would work. It got Amber back. That's a big plus. Maybe you won't miss me so much. I'll see you all at Christmas -- I miss the music!

And thanks for your Shatner idea for Halloween. Not sure the kids would get it, but the adults would likely find it amusing! D & J's RCMP idea is tempting... If I could find a way to get a decent uniform... Hmm... Maybe e-Bay will help me narrow it down...

Well my friends... There are your shout-outs! I've got just over an hour now before a few of us teachers go out to watch some students in a play here in town... hence the "High School Musical" reference in the title. Tomorrow I'm devoting a day to school planning! Hopefully it's all worth the effort. There's always work to be done!

Have an awesome Sunday! Go Bombers! (Someone send me the score later...)

*Edited to add... Steve and Leslie have helped me fix my problem with comments. All my Firefox friends have no excuse now.*


Steve said...

Hey! Comments from Firefox now work. Yay!

Definitely not double teaming it. The idea was to lighten my load, not increase it. Tina and the rest of you kids can manage it. Us medium old guys ;) have to pace ourselves.

You know, I'm sure if you asked nicely, Dorothy would send you the Christmas music if you wanted to sit in with us.

Just sayin'...


Tina said...

Hey Melanie,

It's half time...and just GUESS who is winning the game. You're RIGHT...NOT the BOMBERS. You are definitely not missing much. The Bombers are playing like they usual do...Bishop does NOT know what to do or where the hell he is. If he does throw a pass and someone from Winnipeg ACTUALLY catches it...they run a yard or two and then the ball pops loose and Saskatchewan picks it up. After a couple of plays, Saskatchewan gets a touchdown. Usually when Bishop throws the ball, it gets picked off.

On the flip side, Saskatchewan isn't perfect, but at least they showed up to play the game. They know where to line up, how to tackle, and how to score touchdowns.

The score is 26-7. Let's see what happens in the second half??!! More of the same I am betting.

I realize other Bomber fans will be reading this and may disagree, and that's ok, but this is my opinion. Clearly, the Bombers suck! I have never seen so many '2 and outs'.

Other than the Bombers being pathetic, it is a beautiful day here...sunny and 25C or (still) sunny and 77F!

I'm sure there will be a report from someone at the end of the game.

Tina said...

So...the game is over...

They switched Bishop for Randall and on his first play...the ball was intercepted. See...more of the same! Then near the end of the game they put Bishop BACK in...guess they didn't have anyone better.

The final score...are you sitting down...55-10. Can you believe it?? DISGUSTING! Bombers had 8 turnovers. The only people left in the stands were wearing green!

Hopefully the night will improve and our Manitoba Boys...Doc Walker will win some awards at the CCMAs (Canadian Country Music Awards).

Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Mel

Uncle Rick here. Just catching up with your adventure. It sounds like things are rolling along ok and you've settled in. Tyson goes for his surgery Wed. and we are staying at your Mom and Dad's for at least one night.
Still would love to come out one day on the bikes and say hello.

Take care

If you can read this thank a teacher. If you can read it in English thank a soldier.