Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday is Garbage Day in my Neighborhood

So... no posts for two days and are there people pounding at my door wondering where I am? Nope.

Okay, so I'm just nagging/kidding. Really. I haven't had much to say. Been very busy trying to be Super!Teacher, a manifesto I've come to realize is impossible to amount to after only two weeks in school. So I've decided to settle for It'sAllGood!Teacher -- the one who does her best -- which may not be stellar, but it works for the benefit of all.

I've been "snapshot" twice this week. A snapshot is when an admin comes into your room for a couple of minutes and just observes, then leaves quietly. I have to say... it's much more intimidating this year than it was last year, or the year before... Today, the snapshot came three minutes before the class bell rang. The kids had just turned in a test, and some were visibly frustrated. I was doing my best to keep them in their seats. I don't know if she knew exactly what was going on... the note she left behind was positive enough for me not to get super suspicious or defensive.

I'm going to try and establish some sort of social-life soon... Starting with taking some new friends up on their invitation to "hang out". Another teacher at school (around my age) lives with his wife (also a teacher) in the same complex here... Just across the parking lot. They are friendly, seem like fun, decent people... The kind I like to associate myself with. You should know. Anyways, since we all appear to have zero plans for tomorrow night -- the Friday of a long weekend -- we might just take advantage of the opportunity and get together.

That is, if I don't get sick, which is quite a possibility. I'm pumping the Vitamin C and thinking good thoughts, hoping that this scratchy throat and heavy head is just a sign that I've been working too hard. So I plan to take tonight off... Well, as soon as I finish this post. I'm expecting a call from my VIF Teacher Support Advisor this evening. Tomorrow's lesson is in my head, and not much anywhere else! Lunch will go unmade... I've been meaning to check out the cafeteria food anyway. I could be asleep before 8 pm, which would be a bummer since I really want to watch "Big Brother". Tomorrow is Friday, and there's all sorts of reasons to celebrate that!

Anyway. Night off. Starts. Right. Now.

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Brenda said...

2 thumbs up Melanie! Sounds like the week is winding down on a positive note... BUT ... don't get sick!!! :(
Glad that you're feeling free enough to think of your social life - you'll make a ton of friends of course, which will broaden your horizons and color in your life even further...:D Those who choose to hang with you are in for a treat - and very lucky to have you!

Relax and enjoy this evening and the weekend... you deserve it! ;)

Take good care,