Sunday, June 13, 2010

Some Like it Hot

We're well into summer here... These last few days we've had temperatures in the 90's, and the humidity has spiked too. Makes for some uncomfortable trips outdoors.... Unless you're headed to the beach, which is exactly what we did yesterday.

Graduation was yesterday morning. It was quite the formal service, with even the faulty (including me) having to dress in academic regallia (robes and hoods). The service itself wasn't very long... about an hour. But the whole thing felt quite awkward and stiff instead of celebratory and uplifting. Hmm.

After the convocation, a few of us yonger teachers packed into my car and drove out to Surf City for a little sun and sand. By the time we'd gotten all of our stuff together and actually driven out there (stopping for food) it was after 4 pm -- which seemed like perfect timing because the beach really wasn't that busy and we found a great spot right away.

It was my first time in the Atlantic (well, besides my feet) and it felt great!! As we were walking into the water, we spotted a little action in the not so distant, and realized that it was a dolphin! We also say stingrays in the waves. It was really cool. We sat and lazed in the sun which was low enough in the sky not to be scorching hot, took a walk on the beach and had a good, relaxing time. Just what I needed!

Today my neighbours Alvin and Ibeth are coming to move some of the stuff they wanted to buy from me. By later this evening, this place should be pretty empty except for my stuff. It'll be a little unnerving, but it should give me the last motivation I need to pack the rest of it (really not much now) and start cleaning this place for my landlord. I'll be spending the nights at Ibeth's because she's going to Miami and said that I could use her place since mine was dismanteled.

I can count the day on oneh and now... and not much longer after that I'll be back in Winnipeg! There are many things that I will miss about this place, but there are so many more I'm looking forward to back at home!!

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Steve said...

I love the typo in the second paragraph. Please don't fix it. It's just too appropriate.

Looking forward to seeing you back in T'cona. Has anyone informed you that you're down for a few solos this summer. Three or four. Can't remember exactly. :D