Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day, aka the Unofficial Start to Summer

As I type this, I'm listening to distant rumbles of thunder outside. The long weekend is supposed to have a mix of all kinds of spring/summer related weather activity... Figures!! Luckily, I'm headed out west this morning... To Texas to visit Joanna and her family! I'm looking forward to it -- my little reward for having survived another semester. ;o)

There's only one (well, two...) regular class days left before exams begin next week. Whew! I thought it would never get here!! There have been all sorts of year end events and activities going on around the school and within the district. Last night the academic awards were given out, with a reception that followed. We also had our staff appreciation luncheon yesterday, sponsored by the PTSO -- which was just yummy enough to feel appreciated! We also got some pretty lunch bags to keep -- I really like mine and look forward to all the jealous looks I'll get when I use it back home!

Last Sunday at the First United Methodist Church, a heritage service and lunch were held. What a great time! It was nice to celebrate an event like that with some of the people I've gotten to know and enjoy over the last several months. The church itself is celebrating 196 years (I think!), and reminds me very much of TMUC. I only have a couple of Sundays left to visit, but I will have a lifetime of memories of all the great people that make up the congregation and close masses. (And I can't wait to introduce the covered dish-luncheon idea to my own home congregation!! Yummy!)

There are only three weeks left of my time here in NC. I'm sure they will be busy! I'm still looking for a job back home... I have applied for quite a few, and I only hope that my temporary location doesn't deter anyone from taking a closer look at my resume and considering me!!

The countdown is on!! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! (I know I will!)

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Kimber said...

Wild! We have thunder rolling in the distance too! Guess our weather has coordinated itself for this weekend (a long one for you).

Just thought I'd share that interesting bit of info with you! Miss you lots!!