Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Week

So I have a touch more than one week left in Winnipeg before the "Big Move". Yup, that's it. Was thrown for a loop a few days ago when I got the message asking if it was possible to move my departure up a week. It seems that there were some scheduling changes, and in order to have me arrive on time for everything, I had to go early. So that pretty much threw me into overdrive.

In a way, it's good. Yeah, it would have been nice to have that extra week, to relax and enjoy the remainder of my summer holidays and my favourite people. But I can already feel the jitters and nerves building, and I'm pretty sure that more time to breathe and think would result in an increase in all of the emotions I'm trying very hard to keep in check here.

Anyway. Welcome. This was just intended to be my initial post, so that when I sent out the link to everyone, there was something on the other side to greet you. I plan to make use of this blog a fair bit over the next year. Hopefully it will be entertaining for you -- but I make no promises!

So. There you are. Post number one is finished. I know, it's not very exciting, yet. Just wait. We're on the edge of something big. Stay tuned.

Oh! One more thing! Share this with anyone you think might enjoy this too. You know. Share the wealth. Thanks!

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